Teaching Unbound

Tools for a New Era

Welcome to Teaching Unbound, a resource developed by TRU’s Learning Technology and Innovation Department, Open Learning, and the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. This site brings together all the just-in-time resources and programming we developed during the Covid-19 crisis, and is presented openly for the use of our TRU colleagues and beyond. All resources provided here are intended to be freely reused and adapted to other contexts. Please let us know how you make use of this space by emailing learningtech@tru.ca.

We developed these resources with an approach to fully online teaching and learning that places care at the centre, and you’ll see that ethos infused through everything we build. Wherever you are on your journey with digital pedagogy, we hope you’ll consider care – for your students, yourself, and your community – first. Everything we offer here flows out from that point.