Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Teaching without Walls at TRU: a practical guide with tools, tips, and techniques

This online book by Melissa Jakubec and Michelle Harrison walks you through the process of developing a virtual course, at each step giving a suggestion for a specific tool/technology—the TRU-supported one and another preferred tool if it is different. They also give an example and sources of additional information. They also created a syllabus, course planning documents and other resources that you can modify to suit your own course, if desired.

Pivot to Digital: A TRU Community Resource

A website collecting useful links and suggesting good teaching practices, contextualized for us at TRU.

Learning without Walls

Connect with resources to support student learning in digital modalities.

Accessibility at TRU

Here is a presentation that introduces ways to improve accessibility of common online/digital teaching materials, by considering elements such as headings, links, media, tables, images, and colour.

Podcasting Workshop and Technical Guide